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About me

Welcome, my name is Christian

I am the founder of Unidesq, a tailored programmatic advertising platform for the eCommerce industrie. I love to break of the ground to build new solutions in the advertising and eCommerce industries. I support other founders and companies with experinces I received over the last couple years as an entrepreneur in those fields. I created this blog to share my thoughts, ideas and experiences about in the areas of programmatic advertising and eCommerce with you.

The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.
— Albert Einstein

How I became an entrepreneur 

I am the the Founder & CEO of Unidesq - we help eCommerce companies around the globe to automate 1-to-1 communication with every single consumer in the internet by self-learning display ads. We believe that personlized and smart story-telling strategies is the most important task for online stores to be competitive againts giants like Amazon in the future. I founded the company in 2014 with my Co-Founder James Weber.

I gratuated in 2010 as a Bachelor of Arts at the Fresenius University in Cologne. I started my career at RTL-Group as a product manager for mobile apps. In 2011 I received my first startup experince at Adcloud, a marketplace to buy and sell native ads. In 2012 I founded my first company called Adloop - a sell-side-platform for publishers to maximize revenues of every single ad impression across all available demand sources.