Entrepreneur & Digital Advertising Expert.


Unidesq GmbH

Industries: Programmatic Advertising, AdTech, eCommerce
Market: Europe
Target Groups: eCommerce Companies
Mission: Making advertising better for eCommerce.
USP: eCommerce tailored programmatic advertising platform
Management: Christian Ulitzka (CEO & Founder), James Weber (CTO)
Advisory Board: Daniel Mensing (Product Advisor)
Website: www.unidesq.com

Company description:

Unidesq, founded in 2014, helps eCommerce companies reach their customers with personalized product ads across Facebook, apps, and millions of websites. Through the processing of millions of real-time consumer data points daily, Unidesq’s optimization algorithms are able to deliver highly efficient and cross-channel campaign delivery at the best possible price. With Unidesq, eCommerce companies are able to increase their sales and scale their Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). In addition, the easy-to-use dashboard provides every advertiser full transparency and control of the planning and analysis of personalized advertising campaigns.

Unidesq’s solutions are already being used by leading eCommerce companies, and is currently active in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain and England.